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What is Ecosteryl ?

AMB is the unequivocal leader in medical and clinical waste treatment. Fusing cutting edge technology along with cost effective measures, Ecosteryl is the responsible and ecofriendly solution to medical waste treatment. Boasting zero chemical emissions, fumes, gases, or vapors, Ecosteryl also allows for the repurposing of medical waste into new resources. Tele-maintenance available for remote operation and monitoring, which cuts costs and improves systematic efficiency.

Our Advantages

We provide a variety of innovative features and services, including efficacy and maintenance monitoring equipment for our devices, tele-maintenance service, state-of-the-art control panel and much more.


Continuous process with high productivity. Automatic loading and monitoring.


Competitive investment, low operational costs and quick return on investment.


Improve efficiency and safety with our remote industrial automation equipment.

Safe environment

Improved safety – allows good occupational safety and health practices

No environmental impact

No chemical emission, fumes, gas or vapor. No water is necessary and no waste water is rejected.


Repurposing of Medical Waste into a new resource.

Ecosteryl 75 Video

Ecosteryl 75 Video – Watch Now

We work closely with our customers to provide market-leading alternative medical waste treatment equipment – delivering quality; reliability; compliance and cost-efficiencies. Watch the video to learn more about our product lines.

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Ecosteryl Clinical Waste Treatment Centre Cenviro Malaysia

Explore an Ecosteryl Treatment Plant

Here is an ultramodern treatment centre belonging to Cenviro – an environmental services company, which chose AMB Ecosteryl because of its leading technology. Watch Our New Video to learn more.

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Ecosteryl 250 Video

Ecosteryl 250 Video – Watch Now

The Ecosteryl 250 system is the answer for environmental services companies and large healthcare conglomerates. Watch the video to learn more about our system.

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Handle a large variety of regulated medical waste, including hospital and laboratory waste, solid and liquid medical waste, pathological waste, sharp containers, etc.

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