Frequently Asked Questions

We at AMB believe that a strong after-sales service is an essential ingredient to having completely satisfied customers. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and we hope that one of these questions addresses your concern and provides you with the answers that you need. However, if you cannot find the answer to your concern here please Contact Us. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.


In the event of a jam, what do we do with untreated waste inside the machine?

If an unshreddable material (as for example, titanium prosthesis) is lit into the loading hopper, the machine will stop automatically. The shredder will rotate automatically in the opposite direction to avoid damages. The indestructible material has to be removed after chemical decontamination of the hopper and the shredder. To complete this operation, the operator activates maintenance mode on the control panel and put the shredder in reverse mode for 1 minute. He opens the loading hopper using the manual mode and he leaves the hopper’s cover opened. The operator put an empty bin on the handling system in order to transfer the intact bags and boxes from the loading hopper back to the bin using specific tools supplied by AMB. Untreated waste is disinfected through superficial pulverization. The operator can finally remove the undesirable material out of the hopper with tool/pliers supplied by AMB. The tools have to be disinfected with chemical spray after the maintenance operation. After solving the jam problem, waste is brought back in the under-the-shredder hopper and will then be decontaminated (in depth) through microwaves.

How does one access the shredders for maintenance?

To complete this operation, the operator activates maintenance mode on the control panel. The operator has access to the shredder while standing on the bridge of the machine.The shredder is also designed to allow easy removal. To do this, rails output are attached to the frame of the shredder to facilitate maintenance and pre-maintenance tasks. The shredder blades can be replaced with specific tools designed for this operation. We considerate that the one should change cutters of the shredder once after having ground about 1500 tons (so the frequency of the intervention depends on the tonnage involved). When this happens the shredder is chemically disinfected and cutters are taken out of the device, step by step. The whole operation (full-shredder maintenance) takes approx. 4 hours.

What are the payment conditions?

Most orders are subject to a 30% down payment. All international orders are to be paid via letter of credit or wire transfer and must be settled in full before we ship the order or in accordance of L/C specifications.

What are the dimensions, weights and types of packing for shipping of the system?

Serial 75 and 75 Plus : will fit in one (1) 20’ container (OT). Serial 125 will fit in one (1) 40’ container (OT) and serial 250 will fit in two (2) 40’ containers (OT).

How much time does it take to deliver and install typical systems?

Delivery time is usually 12 to 16 weeks from the date of the confirmation of the order and the reception of the advanced down payment. Delays may be shorter if we have a unit in stock. The installation is usually completed within 48 hours. Our team will stay on-site from 7 to 14 days at your facility to complete the commissioning and the training of your staff for operations & maintenance. Our team will usually come back during a second stage for a more advanced training.

How do I maintain the unit once it is installed?

AMB provides detailed operator and maintenance training after each installation. In addition to this, we offer service contracts for routine maintenance, as well as a customer service staff that is on-hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our engineers are able to monitor your Ecosteryl unit and make program changes from our Belgium headquarters, so that you receive immediate attention.

How do they handle metals?

Ecosteryl devices are characterized by an intense and slow grinding technology (shredder 4 axles – 37 kW). Thanks to this efficient technology, we can obtain a very thin (Max diameter of the waste after grinding is ¾ inch) and well mixed shredded waste. The latter absorbs the microwaves during the treatment and so prevents the occurrence of electric arcs phenomena. As a piece of evidence, even the transfer screw (screw passing through the microwaves) is made of steel!

In the event of a jam, how do we sterilize for maintenance?

Chemical disinfection through spray (supplied by AMB) in hoppers and shredder. For the chemical disinfection, we usually use powerful medical spray containing isopropyltridecyl-dimethyl-ammonium. Disinfection process is finished after a waiting time around 20 minutes to avoid any problems.

Are there any provisions to capture exhaust air to avoid contamination on the Ecosteryl 250, I do not see any filtration when the hopper lid is open?

Atmosphere coming from the waste is filtered by :
– Dust filters (mechanical filters)
– Biological filter (antibacterial)
– Active carbon filter

The filter operation runs at the time of cover opening e.g. when the waste is falling down the loading hopper. After that, the cover is sealed all around the loading hopper. There is no air exhausting out of the device during the whole process.

Does the machine scan for radioactivity, if so how and where?

Radioactivity sensors can be installed (option) at the entrance of the building where waste decontamination occurs.