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Step-by-step – How it works

Ecosteryl Process Diagram

Process diagram Ecosteryl

1. Weighing, handling & loading

*Serial 125 & 250

A container (240, 660 or 770 liters) is installed on the handling system. The latter lifts up the container after weighing and dumps it in the loading hopper. All these operations occur automatically.

Via a hydraulic cylinder, the loading hopper opens automatically when a container arrives. The loading hopper has an air treatment vessel (only on serial 250), which creates a vacuum when it is opened. This one prevents the dust from flying when the hopper is opened. The airflow is washed, disinfected, deodorized and filtrated over activated charcoal. The airflow is rejected outside only after this treatment. The treated airflow is of about 250 m³/h. The hopper also includes level indicators (hopper full and hopper empty).

2. Shredding

When the lid of the loading hopper is closed, the content of the loading hopper is gradually pushed by a hydraulic ram (optional) and the shredder is activated. A screen is placed under the latter to get a homogenous size under 20 mm diameter. The shredder is of the four-shaft type including an automatic anti-blocking device (current controlled) reversing of the direction of the operation of the two motors in case of blockage (but also cyclical) in order to unblock the unit and return it to the normal operation.

The homogenous waste falls to the under-mill hopper before passing to the processing screw, which brings it to the second phase of the process. This under-mill hopper also includes level indicators.

Four-shaft shredder

Four-shaft shredder

3. Microwaves

The processing screw is of spiral design. It is enclosed in a tube with a diameter of 4.3 inches / 110 mm. The processing screw brings the products into the microwave oven where it is heated up to a temperature of 100°C. The time needed for transferring it into the processing screw is of about 3 min. The microwave-heating tunnel is composed of 2 boxes beam of 12 kW (1 box only for Ecosteryl 125).

Each box beam includes 6 microwave generators with magnetrons of 2 kW (serial 250). The “Box Beam” patent covers the use of microwaves in stereo mode with controlled field polarization in a specially adapted recess. This makes it so possible to heat the products “to the core” with a rapid rise in temperature. The system provides for a temperature measurement at the Microwave outlet to check the treatment quality. A control system adjusts the operation of the equipment in order to maintain the desired temperature at the end of the zone (the microwave power and the screw speed are controlled).

4. Holding, treatment & final output

The waste enters the last hopper where its temperature is maintained. The heat-insulated hopper is kept at its temperature level thanks to external heating resistors. The waste stays in this hopper for one hour so that the decontamination can be achieved.

At the end of the process, the waste leaves the equipment through an outlet screw (of the spiral type) in a container.

A programmable controller with a touch-screen allows the automatic operation, real-time monitoring, control and storage of the equipment operating parameters.